Active Portfolio Management


How to Maximize ETF's? 



1)  Once you set up an account with us, you will be able to define separate goals.  These goals can be linked to your bank accounts and each can have different investment strategies due to the duration and objectives.




2)  From the dashboard, you will see the total net worth, earnings, and tax harvested.  Each goal will also have a pie chart for you to visualize your current stocks/bonds ratio.




3)  Once you click on the pie chart, you will see your current portfolio in detail.   Items such as ETF names, fund fees, total amount, and percentage for each ETF categories are very clearly defined.  You can also easily adjust the allocation using the button on left side.




4)  Adjusting the stocks/bonds allocation is as easy as moving the allocation bar to the left or right.  It will also provide you with the future projection of your current holdings.  This is a great dashboard for everyone to have full control of their investments without having to deal too much with independent buying and selling each ETF.