Financial knowledge empowers families to make better decisions for their future and change their lives. Through financial planning, I have the privilege educate and help families to reach their financial goals and attain financial freedom. It is also my personal mission to educate our generation to be financially literate and to build good financial foundations for future generations.

Ellena Chen, Financial Advisor

Helping families is what we do and we take it very seriously.  Society has not provided much education in this area and I have dedicated my time to change that.  Hopefully, throughout my life time I can reach out to as many people as I can.

Kevin Yanong, Financial Advisor

I have always enjoyed helping families reach their financial goals. People are generally not aware of the updates within the financial industry because of their busy lives. I have made it my personal mission to reach out to as many families as I can. This all starts by first building up trust between the families and myself first.

Will Lin, Financial Advisor